Craft Brews

Firewater carries local and regional craft beer. We try to pair what we feel are some great flavors and drinkable Brews with our Craft BBQ. We are commiited to our region and try to stick with local brewers that understand what we are looking for including flavor and price.

With our mission of Craft Brews we carry a simple and appealing variety ranging from LITE an drinkable to Hoppy and Flavorful. We also enjoy Darker stout style beers that can compliment the smoke in our meats. This is our labor of love designed to reflect our diverse region, talented brewers while at the same time stimulate your taste buds. Wether your a novice beer drinker or a first timer, we feel our beer will cater to you.  

Stop in today and enjoy the experience of great southern style bbq and exciting midwest craft beers.